Watch: Hollywood ‘Tough Guy’ Actor Issues Warning To Trump Supporters After Biden Takes Office, ‘They Should Be…

Hollywood “tough guy” Robert De Niro issued a warning to Trump supporters during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

CNN International host, Ana Navarro started the segment explaining that former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to be the president-elect.

“Why are so many Republicans still kissing the ring among other things?” she asked De Niro.

“I’m — I don’t know what — what logic to use except they’re just afraid because — but they should be afraid of what’s going to happen later when he’s not around, and they’re going to try to crawl back, the ones that would have the gall to try to crawl back,” De Niro replied. “It’s going to be — it’s going to be interesting to see.”

“He’ll pardon himself. He’ll pardon everyone around him, who he can, who is going to be possibly prosecuted and/or convicted, and then some,” De Niro continued.

“We all know what would happen. It’s the end of this country, period. I’m not being overdramatic. I think it affects everybody. It affects all the people, the base that support him, and they’ll learn how it trickles down to them, and, you know, I just don’t — I have no — I can’t comprehend what’s going on with this person,” he concluded.

It’s not only De Niro threatening Trump supporters. Hollywood celebrities were thrilled President Trump’s son, Donald Jr. was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

I can’t wait for Hollywood to realize they are in the same boat as the NFL, Americans are fed up and we aren’t going to watch their movies anymore.

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