Watch: Hot Mic Exposes Who The REAL Dr. Fauci Is

A hot microphone has exposed the real Dr. Fauci when he thinks no one can hear him.

Anthony Fauci got into a heated exchange with Republican Senator Roger Marshall and Fauci started yelling at the top of his lungs prompting Chair Murray to jump to save the NIH Doctor.

After Fauci’s meltdown, he was caught saying under his breath, “What a moron. Jesus Christ.”

Fauci was lashing out throughout the hearing because all of his narratives are collapsing.

Things didn’t go well for Fauci after another heated exchange with Senator Rand Paul, the video is posted below.

“In an email exchange with Dr. [Francis] Collins you conspire and I quote here directly from the email to create a quick and devastating published takedown of three prominent epidemiologist from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. (Apparently, there’s a lot of fringe epidemiologist at Harvard, Oxford and Stanford.) And you quote in the email that they are from Dr. Collins and you you agree that they are fringe. Immediately as this takedown ethic,” Paul said.

“A published takedown, though,” Paul continued, “you know, doesn’t exactly conjure up the image of a dispassionate scientist. Instead of engaging them on the merits you and Dr. Collins sought to smear them is fringe and take them down. And not in journals, in lay press. This is not only antithetical to the scientific method; it’s cheap politics and it’s reprehensible, Dr. Fauci. Do you really think it’s appropriate to use your $420,000 salary to attack scientists that disagree with you?”

“I think in usual fashion,” Fauci said, “Senator, you are distorting everything about me.”

“Did you ever object to Dr. Collins, his characterization of them as fringe?” Paul asked.

“There you go again,” Fauci said, shot back, “you just do the same thing every hearing.”

After some intense back and forth Fauci added, “you just do the same thing every hearing.”

“You deny that the emails tell the truth of it. This wasn’t the only time your desire to take down those who disagree with you didn’t stop with Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. You conspire with Peter Daszak, who you communicated with privately, and other members of the scientific community that wrote opinion pieces for Nature… 17 signed a paper that called it conspiracy theory, the idea that the virus could have originated in the lab. Do you think words like conspiracy theory to be in a scientific paper?”
“Senator, I never used that word,” Fauci answer, “when I was referring to it. You’re distorting virtually everything—”

“Did you communicate with the five scientists who wrote the opinion piece in Nature where they were describing ‘oh this there’s no way this could come from a lab’?” Paul interrupted.

“That was not me,” Fauci said.

Eventually, Fauci admitted that he did privately talk to the scientists. He then ranted about how Senator Rand Paul is mean to him and would like him to stop.

“Do you think anybody has had more influence over our response to this than you have?… More people have died now under President Biden than did under President Trump? You are the one responsible, you are the architect. You are the lead architect for the response from the government. And now 800,000 people have died. Do you think it’s a winning success? What you’ve advocated for government?” Paul asked.

“Senator, first of all, if you look at everything that I said you accuse me of in a monolithic way, telling people what they need to do everything that I’ve said has been in support of the CDC guidelines,” Fauci said.

Fauci then ranted that Paul is only attacking him for political purposes.

Below is a video of the entire exchange.

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