Watch – If Biden Stayed Close to Fetterman, He’d Look Like a Scholar

There is one politician out there who Biden should stand near more. It would make Biden look like the intelligent one if he stayed close to Democratic Pennsylvanian Senate candidate John Fetterman.
Fetterman is not all there cognitively, so he is refusing to debate his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Dr. Oz has not run a great campaign, but the way that things are going for Fetterman, he should cruise to victory.
Fetterman made a couple of appearances this past week that make the gaffes from Biden almost palatable. The man just can’t complete sentences and there is a severe mental disconnect in the public eye. These are surely the result of the massive stroke that Fetterman suffered. This is sad, but you don’t continue running for a Senate seat when you are suffering like this.


There were high hopes for Fetterman. He is not weighed down by coastal elitism and he shouldn’t have to win outside of the Philly and Pittsburgh areas to win the election.
He was billed as the working man’s Bernie Sanders, and he wears a hoodie to emphasize it. He’s supposed to do well in the urban areas.
People should like his position on fracking which is a key economic issue with PA voters.
But, my goodness, the fact that he can’t communicate in full sentences should be a deal breaker. That and he wants to contaminate women’s sports by allowing biological men to compete with them.
That will certainly get the attention of the two major cities in the state.
He’s another straw that isn’t even needed as the last one, he lives with his parents and is supported by them.
Shouldn’t this be enough for TV Dr. Oz two follow the yellow brick road to victory?
Before Fetterman goes into oblivion, Biden should saddle up next to him for his own good.