Watch: Jill Biden Literally Dives In From Out Of Nowhere After Joe Starts To Get Himself in Trouble

Joe Biden is a hot mess and Jill Biden dove in out of nowhere to stop him from talking with reporters.

On New Years’ Eve Biden was asked to give comments about the passing of actress Betty White. Joe Biden said, “That’s a shame, she was a lovely lady” and just as he was about to continue Jill dove in and cut him off.

From all the gaffes we’ve witness lately it’s obvious Joe is not allowed to talk off script.

“We just loved Betty White. We’re so sad at her death, 99 years old,” she said interrupting Joe and grabbing his arm. “My mother would say: ‘God Love her.’ Incredible.”

The video below fades out but other videos show Jill whisking the president away from reporters.

It appears that Joe is back on a tight leash, as we previously reported the president has admitted the administration tries to keep him from talking.

Recently, Biden even messed up reading off his teleprompter.

Then, Biden ran from the media.

Then once again he admitted his handlers are keeping a tight leash on him.

Even when Joe is reading prepared remarks he continues to make serious gaffes.

“Looks like a tornado — they don’t call them that anymore — that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country,” Biden said. “In Iowa, in Nevada, in —it’s just across the board.”

(Apologies for the sound quality Biden is mumbling you may need to turn up the volume)