Watch: John Kerry Throws A Tantrum After Trump Comments On Iran

On Thursday former Secretary of State John Kerry threw a tantrum on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” while responding to comments made by President Trump about Iran.

Earlier in the day, President Trump responded to the news about Senator Chris Murphy secretly meeting with Iran. The President said that both Murphy and Kerry had “grossly violated the Logan Act,” claiming there will be “very serious ramifications” if it had been done by Republicans.

Kerry called it “another presidential lie”

“That is once again another presidential lie, a complete effort by the president to distort reality,” Kerry told host Ed Henry.

He added, “If [Trump] knew anything about the law, he’d know I didn’t negotiate with anybody. I did what every senator and secretaries of state in history have done, which is continue to go to conferences abroad or have meetings in order to be well-informed. We engaged in no negotiation.”

Kerry then called on Trump to “focus” on his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

“[W]hat he ought to do is focus on somebody called Rudy Giuliani who’s been out there engaged in very direct negotiations in an effort to try to do a subterfuge foreign policy,” he stated.

President Trump was referring to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo catching the former Secretary of State meeting with officials from Iran in 2019.

“It’s true. I was there in Munich … I saw not only Kerry … [others] met with the Iranian leadership,” Pompeo said during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.” “It’s unusual, but more importantly, it’s wrong.”

It was suspected by the Trump administration that Kerry was trying to engage in talks with Iran to salvage the horrible Iranian nuclear deal that former President Obama signed without Congressional approval.

“What I would like to see with Iran, I would like to see them call me. John Kerry, he speaks to them a lot. John Kerry tells them not to call. That is a violation of the Logan Act. And frankly, he should be prosecuted on that,” Trump said.

Then last week Senator Chris Murphy was caught by the French delegation meeting with the Iranian officials just a few days after voting to handcuff President Trump from using any military action against Iran without Congressional approval.

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