Watch: Joy Behar Shows Just How Stupid She Is And Even Whoopi Scolds Her Over Castro/Bernie Comment

Oh man Joy Behar annoyed everyone on ABC’s “The View” after she praised Castro and slammed the US schools. Even Whoopi had to correct her after Behar kept rambling and it was cringe worthy.

During a discussion about Senator Bernie Sanders and his support for Castro Behar tried to support Bernie by praising Castro’s “literacy” program.

“I believe the literacy rate did jump quite a bit,” Behar said. McCain responded: “Ok, let’s not. Let’s not.”

As Behar continued to try and put support behind Castro and Bernie, Whoopi jumped in.

“There’s no way around that. This is as bad as you-know-who saying there were good people on both sides – it’s the same thing,” Goldberg said, referring to President Trump’s comments during the racially charged protests in Charlottesville, Va. Whoopi continued as Behar pushed back saying that picking out one good thing that Fidel Castro did is like picking out one good thing Hitler did. Just watch Behar below furious she is getting her butt handed to her.

Oh, but it didn’t stop there.

Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary was a guest on the show as well and contradicted Behar, saying, “The Literacy Program that Bernie Sanders was praising “Was a Re-Education program” praising Castro is a mistake when trying to get support in a swing state like Florida. “I have a home in Miami, it’s a very multicultural place— you don’t talk about Fidel Castro.”

O’Leary also popped everyone on the shows ballon when he brought up the fact that in the history of the country no President has ever lost an election when unemployment was under four percent.

Just watch below: