Watch: Judge Barrett Out Classes Democrat Senators During Hearing

Judge Amy Coney Barrett outclassed democrat Senators who claimed her appointment would cause millions of people to die because of poor healthcare.

During her opening remarks, she said, “I believe in the power of prayer” and “nothing is more important to me” than my family.

Barrett articulately laid out that the courts’ job is not to make policy.

During her opening remarks, she commented that Justice Antonin Scalia “shaped” her. That probably made every Democrat listening shudder.

You can compare Barrett’s comments to the ranting and ravings of Democrats.

Drama queen, Senator Corey Booker was over the top as usual.

Senator Kamala Harris couldn’t be bothered to walk the short steps from her office to the committee chamber and spoke from her office. it also appeared that she was using a teleprompter.

Maybe her little jab at the academic elite ticked them off.