Watch: Kamala Harris Celebrates Her Childhood Memories Of A Holiday That Didn’t Exist Until Well After She Was Born

Kamala Harris posted a greeting “to everyone celebrating” Kwanzaa on Saturday and gave a very generic recollection of the holiday as “one of my favorite childhood memories.”

This is really interesting because Kwanzaa didn’t even exist until 1966, Harris was born in 1964. It was created by activist Maulana Karenga who was later imprisoned for torturing women. 

The New York Times has recently tried to tie Harris’s family to the earliest days of far left-wing activism during the civil rights era. 

From the New York Times: 

Harris’s father, Stanford economics professor emeritus Donald Harris, noted that he and Harris’s mother met as part of a circle of political activists at the University of California Berkeley that helped popularize the new holiday: “Members of the study group that drew them together in 1962, known as the Afro American Association, would help build the discipline of Black studies, introduce the holiday of Kwanzaa and establish the Black Panther Party.” 

Harris used the most generic descriptions of the holiday in her video claiming her family used to gather around, “across multiple generations” and discuss the “seven principles,” especially “the one about self-determination, Kujichagulia.”

Even many on the far left struggle with Kwanzaa claiming it was sent up by the FBI to counter the Black Panther movement. 

I’m not sure what’s more disingenuous, trying to tie Kamala Harris’s family to far-left activists during the civil rights era or her Hillary Clintonesque Kwanzaa video.

Harris is being propped up as Biden’s outreach to the far-left except she an empty suit just like Hillary Clinton.


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