Watch Kamala Harris Strut Off in a Huff After a Reporter’s Question

Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t respond to a reporter with another round of word soup. This time, instead of a nonsensical response, she just walked away from questions in a huff.

A clip of this encounter with the vice president was shown on BlazeTV. The host, Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report,” was joined by guests Viva Frei, Libby Emmons, and Sara Gonzales. They all react to a video clip showing an angry Vice President Kamala Harris refusing to address a reporter’s question.

The question had to do with a busload of illegal migrants who were sent to her Washington, D.C. residence. This happened just a few days after she had insisted that the U.S.-Mexico border was “secure” while being interviewed by NBC’s Chuck Todd. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) bused about 100 migrants from the border town of Eagle Pass to a spot very close to the home of Kamala Harris at the Naval Observatory in D.C.

These migrants were originally from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico. They were sent to a local church to receive further assistance before getting to their final destinations.

After Harris insisted on “Meet the Press” that the border was “secure,” Chuck Todd noted that nearly “2 million people [have] cross[ed] this border for the first time ever.” 

But the vice president was not so talkative when she was asked about the migrants dropped off near her doorstep. 

“She’s better when she’s not talking,” Rubin said in response to the video.

“They can’t keep up with their own rubbish,” Frei noted. “They can’t keep up with their own lies. They can’t keep up with the falsehoods that people are seeing in real-time … they don’t think two steps ahead in terms of consequences of policies, and I’m saying the political left here. [They want] open borders but they’re not migrant towns, so long as it stays in someone else’s backyard.”

Here’s a clip of the silent fiasco: