Watch – Kushner Addressed the FBI Raid and Suspicion Over His Involvement

Jared Kushner, former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, is finally talking about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. He has been nabbed by some as a possible mole who worked with the FBI.

But recently, Kushner said that the raid by the FBI was another example of Trump’s “enemies” persecuting him. 

“President Trump is a fighter, he’s always been a fighter,” Kushner said to Fox News host Mark Levin. “In the way that he drives his enemies so crazy, they always over pursue him and make mistakes in trying to get him. That’s basically what happened here.” These were the first remarks that Kushner made about the August 8th raid on Trump’s personal residence.

Some are convinced that there was a person, or people, within Trump’s inner circle who was helping the FBI. There have been some reports that the raid was based on information that was given by a confidential human source. 

Trump’s attorney met with the FBI at Mar-a-Lago in June to talk about the return of classified documents that were being stored at the residence. And it appears that someone told the FBI officials that there could be more top-secret documents stored there, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. 

The former president’s niece, Mary Trump, told MSNBC last week that Kushner could be the “Mar-a-Lago mole”.

“You have to look seriously at Jared Kushner,” she told the network.

Others are fueling this story by claiming that Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, have been trying to create space for the former president. 

“I think Jared Kushner has a great paranoia for reasons to do with his family’s past. He doesn’t ever want to ever go to jail,” Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson told MSNBC. “I suspect that the FBI and folks have a persuasive argument there that he should talk.”

But on “Life, Liberty and Levin” this past Saturday, Kushner took a defensive posture. 

“They’re leaking to the same sources they’re manufacturing fabulous claims that then get debunked shortly thereafter,” Kushner said.

He painted a picture of a longstanding playbook that Trump’s enemies have used and continue to use. The Department of Justice continues to communicate that the raid aimed to see if Trump wrongly possessed classified documents and may have committed several crimes in the process. 

But Kushner focused on the fact that his father-in-law, “drives his enemies so crazy, they always over-pursue him and make mistakes in trying to get him, and that’s basically what happened here.”