Watch: Lindsey Graham Responds To Dems Wanting To Impeach Trump After He Leaves Office, ‘Should We Impeach Obama Over…

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham appeared with Sean Hannity on Fox News and responded to the Senate possibly having a trial after the President leaves office.

At one point he even joked that may be President Washington should be impeached for owning slaves.

“We’ll play this out,” he explained. “We impeach the president today without any evidence. It’s just sheer hatred. If this becomes the norm, be careful what you wish for today. Under this theory, the radical left — if you can impeach a president after they’re out of office, why don’t we impeach George Washington? He owned slaves. Where does this stop? So, to my Republican colleagues, let’s stand firm for the idea — whether you like Donald Trump or not, he’s not above the law.”

“If he did something wrong, you know, you can face the consequences of the law,” Graham continued. “Impeachment is political. What we’re doing here is we’re impeaching the president without any evidence, without any witnesses, and we’re going to have a trial after they are out of office. How do you survive as a president in the future? This will be an attack on the presidency in perpetuity. Should we impeach Barack Obama because, for 24 hours, he never lifted a finger to help those people under siege in Benghazi? Where does this stop?”

Just keep, Republicans in the House are only six votes from being able to impeach Biden or Harris.

Senator Dick Durbin told MSNBC news that they have no timeline when a Senate trial would possibly happen but they are “waiting for certification of election of two Democratic senators in Georgia.”

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