Watch: Mini Mike Rally Gets Crashed By Freedom Loving Virginians Protecting Their 2nd Amend Rights

A group of Virginias who love their freedom and the Second Amendment silenced former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg during a campaign rally over the weekend.

In the middle of Bloomberg’s speech, one protestor started yelling, “You’re f—ing fascist! … You’re a racist!” The crowd started to boo and then chant, “We like Mike.”

Then things got loud, the entire group of pro-Second Amendment activists wearing “guns save lives” stickers, erupted chanting “guns save lives,” eventually security pushed them out of the rally.

Bloomberg’s money is the reason why Democrats in Virginia were able to take over and in return were told by Bloomberg to pass the draconian gun laws.

“I’ve been to Virginia more than anywhere else … I have been involved in Virginia politics since long before I became a presidential candidate. In 2013, I was a big supporter of Terry McAuliffe,” Bloomberg said. He also referenced the violent 2017 Charlottesville protests, saying, “Of course, Virginia had to grapple with its past while Terry was in office.”

“In 2017, 2018, and 2019, we were fighting against the hate displayed in Charlottesville,” he said. “Last year, in more than 25 years, all that work paid off, and Democrats took control of both chambers [of the Virginia state house].”

Bloomberg is spending a lot of money and has been seen rising in national polls. At this point, he has not been on the ballot in any of the states that have held a primary or caucus. Currently, Bloomberg has been conducting damage control all week because an audio clip was released of him making racists remarks.

Bloomberg is running a massive social media campaign, however, has not done any interviews with any of the media. On Sunday Democrat primary candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar called him out, saying that she can’t beat him financially but Bloomberg needs to be on the next debate stage and answer questions.