Watch: MSNBC & CNN Get Way More Than They Bargained For When Confronted By ‘Peaceful Protesters’

MSNBC and CNN got way more than they bargained for when they were confronted by “peaceful protestors” and due to some of the language even Rachel Maddow had to cut the feed.

CNN reporter, Sara Sidner was reporting live from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota when she was confronted by a far left activist. Just as she started a segment with anchor Chris Cuomo when a man approached her and started swearing stating the media is making the situation worse.

“Lots going on here,” Sidner said, her eyes a little watery because police had just used CS gas to clear the crowd violating the imposed curfew.

“You can see people walking. Anything that you see, you see how hazy it is? That is all tear gas, and it is extremely strong,” Sidner continued, then interrupted when a man approached her.

“You all be twisting up the story,” he accused.

“Do you want to talk to me?” Sidner asked. “Don’t take my mic. We’re cool. What’s your name?”

The man refused to give his name and blasted CNN.

“What I think about this is all the press and all the extra shit you all do is make this worse,” he replied. “When people want to protest they shouldn’t do it in front of the f**king police. Yeah. Courthouse, s**t like that, you get what the f**k I’m saying?”

“I want you to be careful. I really do,” Sidner warned the man as fireworks flew in the background.

“Of what?” he asked.

“Of anything that can hit you. Look at all the stuff coming —” Sidner continued.

“Do I look like I’m scared?” he asked, and she said no, he did not. “Exactly. You all need to get up out of here twisting up the media and s**t.”

“Y’all just going to edit out the s**t,” he protested.

“We’re live,” Sidner replied.

“You’re going to edit out some other s**t. You’re not f**king live,” he said.

“I’m live right now,” Sidner said again.

“I don’t care if you’re live or not. Get away from here with all that media s**t you’re doing,” the man insisted.

“We’re with CNN,” Sidner tried once more to convince him.

“Take that camera all the way the f**k up there then. Take it all the way the f**k up there,” the man said. “Y’all doing all the extra s**t … to make people look crazier than what the f**k they are.”

With that Sidner cut back to Cuomo in the studio.

Warning graphic language

It was even worse for MSNBC who were heckled by “peaceful protestors.”

NBC News correspondent Ron Allen was shoved while protesters blocked the camera of activists engaging in nefarious activity.

“Easy, easy, come on, easy. Tell me what happened?”Allen said as protesters began to shove him.

A female protester said, “The police are now firing on homes. Homes that are just across the street that have nothing to do with nothing.”

Another female screamed, “Get the f**k out of here!”

As the crowd and security scuffled, the NBC reporter said, “OK, OK, OK, OK, hey, hey, take it easy, please.”

A female protester screamed, “Go home! Bye! Go home!”

Allen pleaded, “Tell me what you want to see happen down here.”

Another protester said, “I don’t think so. No, no, no, no, no.”

A female protester said, “We need the police to stand down. We are peaceful protesters.”

A protester off camera began yelling, “Get the f*@k out. NBC or whoever — we are done talking.”

After a male protestor screamed, “F*&k the police,” Allen asked, “What do you want to see happen?”

The male protestor then screamed very racist language at the crew and Rachel Maddow cut away.

The language in the video was incredibly inflammatory you can view it here.

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