Watch Never-Trumper Lincoln Project Leader Rick Wilson Squirm As He Gets Decimated During Interview…It Was Savage!

No doubt never-Trumper Rick Wilson, leader of the Lincoln Project thought that his appearance on Tooning Out The News, a liberal comedy cartoon was going to be a puff piece; he couldn’t have been more wrong.

CBS Tooning Out The News is produced by none other than wacko leftist Stephen Colbert, who not only called out Wilson over his hypocrisy but, also mocked liberals over their love affair with Wilson just because he hates Trump.

The interview was going well for Wilson until he called Trump a “whining bitch addicted to Twitter,” and “Inside the Hill” cartoon anchor Sarah Sabo (voiced by Maureen Monahan) cut him off and said, “Yes, he is a bitch. That is the biggest insult, comparing someone to a woman — I hate us.”

The interview went completely south for Wilson when they brought up that many of the members of the Lincoln Project were members George W. Bush’s campaign. Colbert did not like the Bush administration and the cartoon hosts mocked Wilson lumping him in with Trump. When you watch the look on Wilson’s face you would have thought he was in pain.

The savage beat down continued when Wilson was confronted over his vulgar (disturbingly vulgar) tweets about liberals and that is when he started squirming in his seat.

The squirming continued when the hosts wanted more information about how the Lincoln Project was using the millions of dollars they have received in donations. The cartoon anchor then dropped the bomb on Wilson when they exposed that the super PAC spends 89% of its funds on overhead like luxury hotels.

By the end of the interview, Wilson was so angry he refused to speak.

During the interview, the cartoon hosts even jabbed at “Maddow viewers” who have fallen in love with Wilson over their mutual hatred of Trump.

Here’s the video, like I said you may not appreciate the jokes but it was worth it to watch Wilson squirm like a fish out of water.

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