Watch: NYC Is Out Of Control, Use Police To ‘Check On’ Jewish Homes To Enforce COVID Restrictions

I can’t believe this is happening inside the United States.

I love our police officers but, they should refuse to take part in enforcing these ridiculous rules imposed by the city.

New York City Police were called to a private Jewish residence because someone complained about “vehicle parking.”

The officer said he looked up and saw that several people were in the home. It is unknown how the officer was able to get into the resident but, the officer said since there were more than 10 people in the residence it was an “issue.”

It is also unknown if anyone was arrested or cited.

This is what happened to Jewish Trump supporters in Manhattan.

The caravan continued through the city but counter-protestors made it too dangerous to continue.

Despite the violence against the Jewish population supporting President Trump the Rockland County, New York MAGA rally headed to the city.

They drove right into Brooklyn, NYC.

There were some arrests the woman in handcuffed sprayed pepper spray at people in the caravan.