Watch: Obama & Biden Have Some Explaining To Do After Senator Rand Paul Drops A Megaton Bomb On Them

it’s no wonder Obama panicked when he learned acting DNI Chief was declassifying documents. All of Obama’s inner circle has just been caught red-handed pushing the Russia collusion hoax.

On Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul said, “Vice President Biden and more than a dozen Obama administration officials requested and received the power to unmask Gen. Flynn.”

It just so happens that the same day the request was made under Biden’s name was the same day the details of the Flynn-Kislyak call was leaked to the Washington Post, January 12th, 2017.

Senator Paul was asked why is this important.

Joe Biden has explaining to do and so does Obama, his chief of staff also requested to unmask Flynn. Take a look at the January 5th entry.

Below explains the significance of the dates…

These Obama officials are going to have a lot of explaining to do.