Watch: Obama Official Can’t Take The Heat! Literally Disappears When Asked About Flynn

James Clapper appeared on CNN and it did not go well, he got so flustered during his appearance then he literally disappeared.

On May 13th after Obama officials were exposed in their unmasking of General Flynn Senator Lindsey Graham called for an investigation.

Clapper was asked if he was involved in “unmasking” Americans and if he found evidence that then-candidate Trump was colluding with Russia.

Clapper was then asked if he leaked any information about Flynn to the press and mysteriously his connection goes dead and he disappeared.

When Clapper reconnected, CNN’s John Berman asked him directly if he leaked to David Ignatius. Clapper, replied that he did not but, he did not say he didn’t leak any information to the press. He also claimed that he’d be willing to testify before the Senate but not until he’s vaccinated for the coronavirus. “I don’t particularly want to put my life or my wife’s in jeopardy,” he added. Clapper did leave the possibility that he would testify remotely.

There is no way Clapper is going to willingly testify and the Department of Justice officials should take that guy’s passport right now. He is neck-deep in the Russia collusion hoax and he may not have leaked information to David Ignatius but he sure as heck probably leaked information to someone.