Watch: Oregon Congressman Say’s Portland Is Fine, Really? These Videos Prove Otherwise…The Man Is Living In An Alternate Reality

Oregon Congressman Rep. Earl Blumenauer is living in an alternate reality. He claims that President Trump has invaded the city to protect statues and that the city is not on fire.

Oh really? The videos below would say otherwise, congressman.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is also blaming President Trump for the violence that has occurred in the city for over 50 days. Don’t you love it how liberals blame their failures on President Trump.

WATCH: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says the presence of federal police in Portland has “exacerbated” protests in Portland.@OregonGovBrown: “I told [the Sec. of Homeland Security] to ‘go home,’ that their forces are not needed here, that they’re not wanted here.”

Here are the extremists trying to get inside the courthouse.

DHS on Tuesday released a timeline over what occurred:

Here are the extremists trying to set the plywood barrier on fire and gain entry to the courthouse.

Like Rep. Earl Blumenauer said there’s nothing going on the city of Portland is fine.