Watch: Pelosi Squirms After Being Put On The Hot Seat

In a random act of journalism, Pelosi was actually asked a real question and the Speaker of the House squirmed like a fish out of water.

Pelosi was asked when did she find out about Swalwell being compromised by a Chinese agent. She tried to pull a Barak Obama and said she found out the same time we did. Based on how she squirmed during questioning I’m not so sure that’s true but she’s on the record now. Then she spun a whopper claiming that Qanon is more dangerous than a foreign communist power infiltrating a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

She put on quite the performance.

things for Rep. Swalwell are going from bad to worse, the media just abandoned him as well.

Earlier this week, Swalwell demanded a probe into who leaked the story he was compromised by a Chinese operative. Swalwell claimed this was a conspiracy created by the Trump administration.

During an appearance on Fox News, Axios reporter Jonathan Swan disputed the claim, explaining that his colleague that broke the story had been working on it for a long time.

Swan said:

Even Swalwell acknowledges that he first found out Axios was on this in 2019. I know my colleague — his timeline’s wrong. He says July 2019, it’s not July. But she’s been working on this for more than a year. So, just anyone who has any passing understanding of how Trumpworld works, do we really think that they put out some opposition research and then patiently wait a year, beyond an election, for the very well-respected China correspondent to report it out in a nuanced fashion? I mean, give me a break. It’s completely absurd.”

The New York Post Editorial Board wasn’t kind either and called out Swalwell’s double standard.

From the New York Post:

Swalwell for years promoted every Russian-collusion conspiracy theory he could find.

No one connected to the president was found to have colluded with Russia, though the FBI tried awfully hard to pin that charge on Carter Page. Why didn’t the bureau give Page and the other Trump advisers it was examining a defensive briefing when it became concerned that Russia might be using them?

Instead, the bureau lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to get repeated permission to spy on Page — which came to nothing, wasting FBI resources and ultimately harming the agency’s reputation. Was the Obama FBI really as apolitical as disgraced Director Jim Comey claims?

Swalwell is fighting like hell to keep the rest of the report from coming forward because it appears he wasn’t the only member of his family friendly with the spy.

How could we forget this…

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