Watch: Portland Gov Won’t Stop Antifa But Unleashes State Police On Frustrated Americans Protesting Her 9 Month Lockdown

They won’t deal with Antifa but Portland’s Governor had no problem unleashing the State Police on Americans protesting her nine-month lockdown.

Protestors descended on the State Capitol in Oregon to voice their opposition against coronavirus restrictions.

Around 8:30 am protesters attempted to get inside the Capitol building during the third special session of the legislator to address coronavirus relief. The Capitol has been closed to the public because of the coronavirus. People refused to leave the building and the Oregon State Police declared the protest an unlawful assembly.

Protestors did clash briefly with police inside the capitol and two were arrested.

“The Oregon State Police encourage people to exercise their first amendment rights, but it must be lawfully. Please, discontinue the acts of vandalism or destruction of property. If you commit a crime you will be subject to arrest,” state police said in a press release.

Not long after the protest was considered an unlawful assembly and those that remained could be subject to arrest.

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