Watch: Presser GONE WILD! Journalist Goes Full Acosta. Denounces Biden, Psaki Stunned, ‘I Already Answered Your Question’

The left doesn’t like it when the people use their own tactics against them and that’s what happened during a recent White House press conference.

Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba went full Jim Acosta and took over the press conference when Psaki didn’t call on him for a questions. Ateba talked over other reporters during the presser demanding that Biden denounced the travel ban imposed on southern countries in Africa.

Ateba didn’t give up and continued…

There were other bombshells dropped during the press conference. Psaki hinted that even more people that work for Kamala Harris are about to resign.

Psaki also hinted that stricter mandates and rules are to come.

Oh and in case you missed it, New York’s Governor recently admitted that a vaccinated person in Minnesota tested positive for the Omicron variant while attending a convention in NYC that was enforcing a vaccine mandate.