Watch: Pro-Abortion Protestors Stop In Their Tracks When Man Silences Them With One Sentence

Wow, it got real quiet real fast.

The man in the video is presumably black which could be confirmed by the behavior of the protestors all wearing masks outside.

When the man begins to speak one of the women holding a sign immediately kneels like in a struggle session before the man asking if “All black lives matter or just some?”

The entire group said that all black lives matter.

The man then asked the crowd if all black lives matter including those killed from black-on-black crime. The crowd responded again that all black lives matter.

Then the man asked if all black lives matter including the ones killed in abortion clinics and folks you could hear a pin drop.

The man then gave a great speech before the silenced group demanding that they respect the lives of black unborn children.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the country pro-abortion activists have been getting violent.


Due to the violence police have built a massive fence in front of the Supreme Court building.

Police did arrest seven pro-life protesters who were outside the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s office in DC.