After Trump SLAMS Pelosi, She Loses It During Press Conference

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a broken woman and President Trump has completely gotten into her head. Her weekly press conference on Thursday has a train wreck, she sounded like an angry elementary school assistant principal. She even brought back the fake news that Trump was under the influence of drugs.

You could tell that Pelosi was furious over just how good the President’s State of the Union speech was and how angry she is that he was acquitted. Pelosi is getting so frustrated she can’t take President Trump down and she has no idea what to do next.

Here is Pelosi in her own words. 

This really ticked her off!

The Obama comment really got her.

We haven’t heard this fake news in a while.

Bye the way, she really didn’t like this…

Nancy just resign, you have met your match, and he is crushing you.