Watch: Reporter Compares Soleimani Death To That Of An Important American Civil Rights Leader

As the left continues to mourn a dead terrorist one reporter for the New York Times took things to a whole new level.

New York Times podcast host Michael Barbaro actually compared the mourning in Iran of Soleimani to the death of Martin Luther King Jr. on his Tuesday podcast “The Daily.”

“What you are describing feels like the kind of unified national outpouring that is reserved for a small handful of figures in any country,” host Barbaro told Times reporter Farnaz Fassihi during the episode. “A beloved president, a civil rights leader like Martin Luther King in the United States. Not for what our colleagues have described as a general who specializes in covert operations in Iran.”

Fassihi, who is assigned by the Times to cover Iran said that it is hard for anyone outside of Iran to understand just how significant Soleimani was.

Last week, President Trump authorized the termination of Soleimani who gave permission for the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad and was planning to launch more attacks in Iraq against the US.

I think it is appalling to compare a man that has authorized and led terror attacks around the world to be compared to Martin Luther King Jr. King led a non-violent movement that brought sweeping changes inside the US. King wanted fairness and justice for all, not societies like inside Iran were women are being treated as second class citizens. Soleimani was a terrorist that led Iranian militias to carry out attacks in other countries his goal was to tear down governments and create chaos.

Yes, massive crowds did come out for his funeral in Iran so much that a stampede occurred and killed at least a dozen people. But, there is no comparison, Barbaro analogy is just over the top for me. How can you maintain credibility as a journalist when you compare a terrorist to revered human rights leader?

Washington Free Beacon