Watch: Small Children Terrified When Antifa Attacked Family In DC During Trump Rally, If You Think Kids Are Safe Think Again

If you think your kids will be safe think again.

After the Trump rally in DC Antifa started terrorizing Trump supporters and the police were nowhere to be seen.

Supporters of the President peacefully protested the election results and showed support for the President with no violence. After the rally, Antifa and BLM activists showed up in numbers and began harassing Trump supporters as they were leaving the city.

The family below was leaving the peaceful rally when a crowd of Antifa bullies surrounded them and began to follow them. You’ll notice in many of the videos posted below Antifa did attack or surround people that could handle themselves, they attacked older people and families.

The woman below was punched in the head again notice, she was sucker-punched.

These people were just eating outside when a firework was thrown into the area.

When you hear the media scream about how the “press” is being treated by police, remember this video. Below is an Antifa member wearing “press” credentials sets fire to MAGA clothing in Freedom Plaza.

The people involved in this ambush were arrested.

The media is starting to realize that the MAGA movement isn’t going anywhere.