Watch: So Sad, Nobody Respects Joe, Ignored During Summit…He Just Stood There

Los Angeles, California hosted the Summitt of the Americas and world leaders from both continents met however, nobody wanted to talk to Joe.

As the event opened for a meal and world leaders were chatting with each Joe Biden just stood there alone because nobody wanted to talk with him. On the far right of the video, you’ll notice First Lady Biden (you’ll see the back of her blonde hair in between the crowd) who keeps turning her head bewildered no one wants to talk with them.

This was possibly more embarrassing than when Obama upstaged him during an event at the White House in April 2022.

Of course, it’s tough to get the nod from Obama when he is being selfish.

You’ll notice that Kamala was attached to Obama’s hip and totally disrespected Biden.

Americans watched in disbelief as Biden decided to get a snack in the middle of Barry’s talk, Joey needed his candy.