Watch: Sorry Jonny Trump Isn’t ‘Winding Down,’ Kasich Once Again Proves He Doesn’t Have A Clue

During an appearance on CNN, former Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) claimed that voters are no longer interested in the President’s “show.”

Kasich was asked about the President’s poll numbers and said, “I kind of think he’s jumped the shark. That’s ‘Happy Days’ when Fonz jumped the shark, and that was about the end of the show. I’ve been saying that I think he has jumped the shark. People wanted him to mix it up. They said, let’s take a chance on this guy. This is about our families. It’s about our kids going back to school. It’s about mom and dad. It’s about grandma, grandpa. The guy won’t wear a mask. We’re behind the curve on all this. He’s dismissing it. When you do that, you are now messing around with people’s lives, and people don’t like that.”

Kasich added, “Yeah, he’s losing momentum. The thing about Tulsa that was interesting, Erin — I just saw a few of the clips. You saw people looking at their watches, and people were yawning and reaching across. And I would say four years ago, people were kind of transfixed by this show. But the show’s kind of — the show’s winding down. They canceled because they weren’t going to get the crowd. New Hampshire is such an interesting place. I’ve spent a lot of time up there. I did 115 town hall meetings. People are very independent, and they’re not looking on this favorably if had terms of what he’s done with corona and what he’s done with the virus, uh, not the virus, the protests. That’s another thing he’s missed. Both virus and the protests, strike two.”

Once again Kasich has proven he doesn’t’ have a clue. Independent reporter Tim Pool dug up some interesting data it showed that Republicans are highly motivated to re-elect President Trump and that President Trump has gotten more primary votes and had a higher turn out than Democrats.

Kasich can go on CNN for cheap gratification all he wants, he’s still dead wrong.

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