Watch: Team Biden Is Taking A Beating Over Packing The Supreme Court

It all started with Vice President Pence, during the Vice Presidential debate, he asked Kamala Harris if a Biden Administration would pack the court. Since then it has remained a national news story and it is haunting Biden.

Biden hasn’t done himself any favors because either, he nor Kamala will answer the question. Democrats hit all the Sunday shows claiming the Republicans have packed the court however, even CNN’s Alisyn Camerota clapped back at Democrat Senator Hirono. She said, “Obviously, just filling a vacancy right now is not what is normally referred to as court packing.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper even hammered Biden’s deputy campaign manager when she claimed that filing a judicial vacancy is “unconstitutional.”

Tapper was almost confused and said, “That’s not what the word constitutional means. [It] doesn’t mean I like it or don’t like it. It means it’s according to the US Constitution.”

You can hear the frustration from the media, they are almost telling the Biden administration to just answer the question and lie.

One person that isn’t shying away from packing the court is Senator Chuck Schumer.

“Why can’t Democrats constitutionally finish what FDR started over 80 years ago and add a couple of justices in response to Republican radicalism?” Schumer said.

Democrats are setting the table should Biden win to take over the government so that they stay in the majority.