Watch: Texas Sheriff Explains That A Biden Memo Just Defunded ICE

Jackson County, Texas Sheriff AJ Louderback is warning that a recent Biden memo has “essentially” defunded ICE. 

During an appearance with Tucker Carlson on Fox News Louderback explained that a recent memo from acting DHS Secretary David Pekoske is “essentially a defund ICE by memo,” and that the Biden Administration is releasing those who have come here illegally without a coronavirus test. 

Host Tucker Carlson asked, “Is it true, in the state of Texas, that people who have been detained because they’re not here legally, they’re foreign nationals are being released without coronavirus tests?”

Louderback responded, “It’s absolutely true, absolutely true. It’s even — if I could continue, Tucker, the memo that I received this last week, it’s essentially a defund ICE by memo, by memorandum that was sent out by David Pekoske on January 20 of ’21. So, this is a particularly devastating document for Texans and Americans here in the United States. The message really has been sent, when I read it first and looked at it, it’s a message to the world, you can come here illegally, you can commit crimes here against Americans, and remain here illegally.”

Biden’s immigration policy is letting those taking into custody back into the community in the middle of a pandemic. There has been no direction from the Biden Administration to test those detained by border patrol before releasing them. DHS and the Biden Administration policy could cause an actual “super-spreader” not like the fake “super-spreader event” that liberals claim will happen if you attend church.

Recent immigration policy is placing a further burden on border communities who are left holding the bag and are now spending thousands of dollars a day to test illegal immigrants released into the community to avoid a COVID outbreak.

Immigrants that test positive are also being cared for at the expense of the community but what else are they supposed to do? Biden’s reckless policy is a threat to public health.

In late January the New York Times reported that Laredo and Eagle Pass, Texas were the worst in the nation for new cases relative to population. Both communities are a highway for migrants trying to get into the country.

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