Watch: The Lockdowns Are Coming, Biden’s COVID Expert Want You Hiding In Your Basement. But, That’s A 180 From What He Said Before Biden Hired Him

In the event Biden gets away with winning the election they are already setting themselves up for failure.

Humans do not control nature, we deal with it. We can’t control the weather, we can’t stop tornadoes, we deal with hurricanes. We can’t prevent earthquakes or stop volcanos from erupting, we certainly can’t “control” a virus.

Biden and his team of “experts” (throwbacks from the AIDS epidemic and the Affordable Care Act) are claiming they are going to “control” the coronavirus.

How are they going to control it?

Lock us down again.

A new member of Biden’s COVID-19 task force, Dr. Michael Osterholm said, “We need to lock down to drive this infection level to a place where we can actually control it.”

Here’s a funny tidbit when the pandemic started Dr. Osterholm was a strong believer in heard immunity and letting the virus do it’s thing. In March, Osterholm told Joe Rogan that there really isn’t much we can do but let it run through the community. Originally, Osterholm admitted that once mitigation efforts are lifted the virus will continue to move through the community.

Osterholm also discussed the “science” with Rogan and said that wearing masks and gloves is nonsense. Osterholm said wearing masks is “largely” nonsense and found that in study in Germany the results showed masks didn’t work. He said that the way to address coronavirus is that if you are over 55 and high risk stay out of public areas. “Trying to stop coronaviruses is like trying to stop the wind.”