Watch: The New Religion, White Cops Participate In Washing Ceremony With Protest Organizers

The left has a new religion we’ve seen viral videos from all over the country of people being forced to kneel in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protestors. Thousands in Colorado chanted with arms raised disavowing their white privilege. Video coming out of Cary, North Carolina took on a whole new level of as white police officers washed the feet of protest organizers.

People gathered for a unity march in Cary, North Carolina over the weekend to protest the death of George Floyd.

Members of Legacy Church Center, led by co-pastors Faith and Soboma Wokoma organized the march. Part of the event including police washing their feet as another white man prays for forgiveness.

“Faith Wokoma and her husband co-pastor the Legacy Center Church. She said, “As we look through civil rights history, the church was always such a big part of change. And we don’t want it to just be the black church or white church, or Asian church. We want the body of Christ to come together, collectively.”

“Not just to protest,” said Soboma Wokoma. “But also to talk with one another. To know exactly what the problems are, exactly what the issues are. So that collectively we can come up with solutions that can help heal our nation, heal our land and our community.”

Other churches in the other reached out to participate.

“So they came to us and said, what do you think about doing a prayer walk? It’s something that we had been discussing as well.” Faith Wakoma said. “So we decided to gather with the other churches, and we were pleasantly surprised when the police said they wanted to be part of the walk. The mayor wanted to be part of the walk.”

“It shows that we all want the same thing. We want justice, we want peace. But we also want love in our community,” said Soboma Wokoma

However, no one has commented on the “foot washing” ceremony.

Daily Mail