Watch This: Kamala Harris Can’t Find a Public Relations Expert to Make Her Smart

Vice President Kamala Harris just can’t find a public relations expert that can make her sound smart. 

Harris spoke on Sunday and made some more cringe-worthy statements that just add to the evidence that she’s one of the worst politicians America has seen in a long time. 

While talking about abortion this weekend, the vice president said that women getting pregnant is the “real issue.”

She garbled some words around this statement like, “what is at play, what is at stake,” as if women having babies is some grand, dark scheme to be avoided. 

Babies just aren’t a plague on our culture, and the way that Kamala Harris talks about them is just morally bankrupt. Harris keeps using rhetoric that proves she is a far-left feminist and it is alienating for most Americans.

The vice president’s intelligence was surely questioned in another rant that focused on Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

She showed no real understanding of the actual law, or else she has just decided to make up lies about it.

Harris made the point that teachers should be able to “love openly” in classrooms.


Parents certainly do not what their 5 and 6-year-old to be in a classroom where the teachers flaunt their sexuality and love “openly.”

There was more, in the second part of her rant Harris said that teachers should be able to “teach what they believe is important for people to understand.” 

Listen…Teachers do not have a right to teach what “they believe.” They are not autonomous and they don’t have freedom of expression while on the job with our kids. 

Parents have some rights. They have the right to guide what their children are being taught. 

Kamala Harris has fired a bunch of public relations people from her team, but she still hasn’t found the one who can make her appealing to most of America.