Watch: Video Hints Election Officials In Battleground State Invalidated Trump Votes

People in Arizona seemed to be more shocked than the nation that their state is going blue. However, a video has surfaced that suggests Trump votes were invalidated.

User “dowhatlightsyou” posted a concerning video of two people talking. According to the man speaking they were invalidating votes by handing out sharpie pens to people when voters are supposed to be using ball-point pens only to fill out their ballot. The woman in the video said that a man came out and yell at her three times to stop handing out the ballpoints pens, allowing sharpies to be used. The user also reported that she was only allowed to use a sharpie when she went to vote.

A local ABC news affiliate reported receiving several messages that sharpies were being handed out and those that used the sharpies to fill out their ballots were not counted.

Democrat stronghold Maricopa county-issued instructions that sharpies were fine and published a video about.

Maricopa county said that if the machine spits the ballot back out and rejects it they’ll give you another one.

The question though is that if sharpie pens cause ballots to be rejected why are they allowing them?

Just use regular pens and avoid having a problem altogether.

ABC 15 | Redstate