Watch: Virginia Dems Receive Some Damning Words From Mother Of Activists Killed In Charlottesville

You didn’t hear this story in the media as they were proclaiming the gun rights rally on Monday in Richmond Virginia was for violent “white nationalists.” 

Susan Bro the mother of Heather Heyer, who was run down and killed during a protest that local police let get out of control in 2017, had some very damning words for Democrats in Virginia.

“I grew up with guns,’ Bro told CNN on Monday. “I believe in common sense gun measures, but not extreme measures. And I think that those need to be discussed. I think people need to be able to talk to their representatives.”

As the interview concluded Bro said, “I think the list is a bit extreme. There are some good common-sense gun laws, though, that are on that list.”

Her interview was the morning of the protests and she just hoped that “common sense” would prevail and it was the protest was peaceful.

What was also great was seeing local sheriffs in the State of Virginia proclaim they will not enforce any gun law that violates the constitution.

The media was hoping for a bloodbath in Virginia and instead, all they got was a bunch of great people celebrating the constitution and America. But, that didn’t satisfy liberals so after the rally, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes furious there was not violence had this to say. 

Anti-gun leftists are even starting to go after these women who I would put up against Michael Bloomberg’s funded Moms Demand Action group any day.

The left is losing its mind because the American people are shunning their unconstitutional laws. So now they are now making an effort to label any guns right advocate racists so they can dissuade support for these groups and pass laws that violate the constitution.

Daily Mail