Watch – White House Press Secretary is Catching Whatever Biden Has

Whatever President Biden has, it might be contagious. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a pretty messy gaffe at Monday’s press briefing. She couldn’t get Justice Clarence Thomas’ name right.
She had no trouble criticizing his concurring opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson, but she referred to him as Judge Thomas.
Jean-Pierre was taking questions from the Wall Street Journal’s Ken Thomas. She gave this pearl of a response, “as we know, from, um, the Dobbs decision, uh, one of the things that we, uh, saw from uh, from Judge Thompson is they’re looking to go further, whether it’s privacy, contraception, or, uh, marriage equality.”
Of course, the White House press secretary not only got a Justice’s name wrong, but his title as well did not go down quietly on social media. Several people focused on the string of mistakes coming from the administration and Jean-Pierre.
She started the press conference off by criticizing Republican “extremist” pro-life groups. She said, “it’s becoming clearer by the day that congressional Republicans want to strip away rights, starting with a nationwide abortion ban and moving on to marriage equality and contraception.”
Where is the proof for this statement?
Did she make a move to soften this statement? No she doubled down on it when responding to Fox News’ Peter Doocy about Vice President Kamala Harris’ remarks during the NAACP convention when she compared slavery to abortion.
“Now we have to mindful about contraception, we have to be mindful about marriage equality, because they have made it really clear, these extreme Republicans, ultra MAGA Republicans have made it clear that is what they’re going after next.”
Yep, whatever Biden has seems to be being passed from person to person in his administration. If the inner circle is giving Biden something to help him function from day to day, maybe they could give some to Jean-Pierre as well.