Watch – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Can’t Dodge the Same Question Six Times

Karine Jean-Pierre can’t keep at this for much longer. The White House press secretary had to play dodgeball again in front of the press core because of her boss’s failed policies.
Jean-Pierre was asked a simple question about the president’s student loan debt forgiveness plan. But she couldn’t answer.
The truth is, she was asked the simple question six times, and still could not come up with a sufficient response.
This was the first White House press briefing in weeks, so people were ready. Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy took his turn to ask a question, he chose the obvious, “How can the country afford such a massive handout?” He was referring to the student loan debt payoffs.
Jean-Pierre followed that question with a pretty lengthy response claiming that the Biden administration has brought down the budget deficit by $1.7 trillion. She then suggests those purported savings are what will pay for student loan debt forgiveness.
Knowing that she had previously attacked Republicans for passing tax cuts, Doocy felt obligated to ask the same question six more times as Jean-Pierre repeatedly dodged his simple question.
“Who is paying for this?” Doocy asked.
First, Jean-Pierre cited the alleged $1.7 trillion in deficit reduction. But Doocy quickly pointed out that “forgiving” student loan debt does not make it disappear. So he asked again, “Who is paying for this?”
The press secretary tried a different angle and talked about lifting the moratorium on student loan payments and how that will help pay for the cost of Biden’s plan. But she was forced to admit that the revenue generated by this is nothing compared to the cost of the plan.
“But somebody is paying for it. Who?” Doocy asked again. “Is it wealthy Americans? Is it corporations? Who is paying?”
Jean-Pierre went back to her standby answer claiming Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, and “all of this work that this president has done” has produced $1.7 trillion in deficit reduction.
That’s when Jean-Pierre abruptly moved to the next reporter.

Watch the craziness: