Watch: With Parler Out Of The Way Mainstream Media Goes After Another Platform, ‘You Are Pathetic! You Need To Be Shutdown’

Censorship is the animal who’s hunger is never satisfied.

With Parler out of the way members of the mainstream media are now turning their attention to Facebook.

The hosts of MSNBC’s, “Morning Joe” have turned their attention to Facebook and are blaming them for the attack on the Capitol. Which is really confusing because I thought the attack was planned by people on Parler.

“Those riots would not have happened but for Twitter, but for Facebook … Facebook’s algorithms were set up to cause this sort of radicalism to explode … Facebook and Twitter set up their business models in a way that would lead to the insurrection,” host Joe Scarborough said.

Mika Brzezinski jumped in and said that Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are “pathetic” and the platform needs to “be shutdown. Nobody needs what you have to offer. You have destroyed this country!”

In a press release the FBI said that they learned of coordinated attacks by bad actors when they intercepted an online communication. The agency has not made public what platform or how the communication was intercepted.

Meanwhile members of the press are comparing Trump supporters to other violent extremists.

Similar sediments were said on MSNBC, NBC’s Jeremy Bash said that the US is going to have to “reset our entire intelligence approach” so they can have greater surveillance of “them.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, warned about what he thinks Democrats are planning.