Well This Is Unexpected: Scarborough Asks Viewers, ‘To Do Everything’ To Make Sure The President ‘Succeeds’

In a very unexpected turn of events MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tells his viewers to get behind President Donald Trump.

Scarborough admitted that he has been very critical of the President in the past but has been impressed with the President’s performance in the last week attacking the coronavirus.

“I will associate myself with everything that’s been said about how this president, this White House, bungled this crisis over the past,” Scarborough said. “And of course, if you’ve watched the show for more than ten minutes over the past three-and-a-half years, you understand we’re critical of just about everything the president does.”

But, Scarborough said, “We only have one president at a time.”

The liberal host then explained to his audience that the coronavirus pandemic is larger than the 9/11 terrorist attack, is more like World War II and that that the entire country needs to ban together.

“We are all joined together as a country, fighting an epidemic that could end up — let me say this again, based on the study that got to the White House yesterday — kill more people, kill more Americans than died in World War II, World War I, the Civil War, and Vietnam.”

The model that Scarborough was referring to is a model based on the worst-case scenario where no steps were taken.

Even CNN is starting to praise President Trump.

On Tuesday the President’s team gave out some great new information:

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