West Virginia GOP Governor Jim Justice Ready to Take Manchin’s Senate Seat – Watch

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is set to launch a Senate campaign for the seat currently held by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

Justice, a Republican, has been governor of West Virginia since 2017. He previously served as the state’s secretary of state and as a businessman.

Justice is a controversial figure in West Virginia politics. He has been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for his political flip-flops. In 2016, he ran for governor as a Democrat, but he switched to the Republican Party in 2017.

Despite his controversial past, Justice is seen as a strong contender for the Senate seat. West Virginia is a heavily Republican state, and Justice is popular among the state’s voters.

Justice alluded to his plans during his State of the State address in January.

“I won’t be your governor for a whole lot longer, but I surely won’t go away. You’ll probably be able to find me at home or you may find me in Washington,” Justice said.

If Justice is elected to the Senate, he would be the first Republican to represent West Virginia since 1959.

Justice’s announcement comes at a time when Democrats are facing an uphill battle in the 2024 election. The party is defending a slim majority in the Senate, and Manchin is seen as one of the most vulnerable Democrats up for re-election.

If Justice is elected to the Senate, it would be a major blow to Democrats. It would also give Republicans control of the Senate, which would make it more difficult for Democrats to pass their agenda.

The 2024 election is still two years away, but the race for Joe Manchin’s Senate seat is already heating up. Justice’s announcement is a sign that Republicans are confident that they can win the seat in 2024.

The Senate race already has a contender in Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV), who announced a campaign for Manchin’s Senate seat in November.