We’ve Hit The Pinnacle Of Stupidity: Dem Senator Claims The USA Invented Slavery (VIDEO)

During a lofty, I’m better than you speech by a former vice presidential nominee, Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine he claimed that the United States of America invented slavery.

Senator Tim Kaine has always reminded me of a drunk seagull – I don’t know why – but he sure sounded drunk on the senate floor as he delivered his speech.

As Tom Elliot pointed out this will probably be what Democrats will be saying next week…

Kaine’s claim that America is responsible for slavery in the world comes as President Trump signed an executive order on safe policing and creating safe communities.

The President also called out those that want to defund police departments.

The President also spoke about those wanting to tear down statues.

The President’s executive order also limits the use of chokeholds with the exception of the use of deadly force.