What Haven’t We Heard About the Violence from the Left in New Hampshire?

This week revealed another level of hypocrisy from the progressive Democratic Party. They have had no trouble blaming the attack on Paul Pelosi on the GOP, they easily claim that it’s the Republicans who incite violence against people. It doesn’t matter that there has been nothing proven with the man who attacked Pelosi. The president even jumped on board with this crazy rhetoric saying that such talk needed to be “stopped.” 

They have all but ignored the violence that has come from the left in incidents like the GOP baseball practice shooting in 2017, the assassination attempt on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, and all attacks that have come against Trump supporters over the last few years. 

The Pelosi attack has gotten the media spotlight along with continued talk about the January 6 Capitol riots. But where was this kind of talk when there were literally hundreds of BLM and Antifa riots?

This week, there was an even a greater example. Republican New Hampshire state Senate candidate Lou Garguilo said that he and his supporters have faced multiple violent incidents just over the past few days. 

Gargiulo said that it has been getting rough, “There’s an extraordinary amount of hostility from some people,” he told NH Journal. The state senator said that a truck driver twice attempted to drive his vehicle into a group of his supporters during his campaign.

The driver drove up to a group of 10 to 12 of his supporters holding campaign signs and swerved right at them. After he drove past them once, he turned around and came back toward them a second time. The driver then got out of his car and wanted an altercation. 

“He wanted to get into a fistfight,” Gargiulo said.

The state senator went on to describe many more incidents, including a power tool being thrown at his wife. 

“They can feel they are on the brink of a huge red wave and mentally they cannot handle it,” he said.