What Senator Lindsey Graham Did After Trump’s Ultimatum Over COVID Bill Is Exactly Why The GOP May Lose Big In Georgia

What Senator Lindsey Graham did after President Trump’s ultimatum surrounding the coronavirus stimulus bill is exactly what is going to cause the GOP to lose big Georgia. 

Earlier this week President Trump tore Congress to shreds over the coronavirus relief bill and called it a “disgrace.” 

For everyone except America Christmas was coming early, hundreds of millions of dollars were going overseas and to federal government pet projects. 

During negotiations, Republican Senator Josh Hawley (who’s a strong conservative) and Senator Bernie Sanders were constantly criticizing the bill attempting to get bigger payouts for Americans. 

It never happened. 

Instead, Congress just threw money at everyone except Americans. The morning after the bill was passed Lindsey Graham went on Fox News and actually had the audacity to defend send money to Pakistan to study gender. 

Shortly after President Trump called out Congress Senator Graham wrote, “The #COVID19 package, while imperfect, will save jobs and lives.  The sooner the bill becomes law – the better. It will allow millions of businesses to avoid bankruptcy, deliver vaccines even faster, help those unemployed and provide money for families who are struggling. Relief is on the way as soon as the bill becomes law.”

After Trump’s announcement demanding larger payouts Democrats in the House and Senate said they’ll make it happen and called out McConnell. 

One hour after President Trump’s video here’s what Senator Graham wrote, “Appreciate the fact that Speaker Pelosi supports President @realDonaldTrump‘s idea to increase direct payments to $2,000 per person. 

The American people are hurting and deserve relief.  I know there is much bipartisan support for this idea. Let’s go further.”

Let’s go further? Are you kidding me? 

Senator Graham had no problem with recklessly spending hundreds of millions of dollars overseas and now he wants to go further for the American people!? Where was he last week fighting the pork and getting money for Americans? 

It’s double talk nonsense like this that is going to cost us the Senate Democrats may be lemmings but conservatives are not going to put up with this nonsense.