What’s More Fun than Watching Musk? Take a Look at KJP! Watch

What’s more, fun than watching Elon handle Twitter haters? Watching White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre try to handle reporters asking about Hunter’s laptop.

With even CBS finally coming clean and calling Hunter’s laptop legit, it’s getting harder and harder for Biden’s people to spin away from the truth of President Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s nefarious business affairs. 

You can’t run away from actual pictures of Biden meeting with Hunter’s business associates and the millions that the Biden family got through foreign business dealings while Joe was vice president. 

There is also the impending pressure that Rep. James Comer will likely soon bring when he takes over the House Oversight Committee in the upcoming new Congress. The investigation is certainly coming and the world will see if Biden had been compromised by foreign connections. 

So reporters are naturally asking what Biden is thinking about all this in the future. And Karine Jean-Pierre’s answer has to rank up there with her worst efforts so far. 

“Can you address whether the President was involved in any of his son Hunter’s or his brother’s foreign business dealings?” the reporter asked. Jean-Pierre’s answer was just a royal mess, “So look, I, you know, um, there’s some, a little bit of, uh, interesting, uh, you know, kind of, on brand, uh, thinking here.” She then tried to deflect, saying Republicans weren’t addressing inflation as they promised they would.”

That wasn’t all, she continued, “They’re not coming up with solutions on how we’re going to lower costs for Amer- — for American families. They’re not coming up with solutions as to how are we dealing with, uh, uh, issues that matter the most to American families.” 

She realized things were not going well, so she pivoted, “Look, the midterm elections were very clear. They were very clear where Americans said they wanted us to deal with real issues. They wanted us to deal with what we were seeing with democracy. They wanted us to deal with how are we going to fight for freedoms and for rights of the American people.”

This is real. You couldn’t script this.