Whistleblower Blows The Lid Off Formula Shortage: Biden’s Been Sending Truckloads To The Border For Months

President Joe Biden has been sending truckloads of baby formula to illegal immigrant processing stations but has done nothing to aid American families desperately running out of food.

I’m pretty sure this goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. We shouldn’t let infants being detained starve and they should be fed. But, the fact that the Biden administration knows there is a shortage and is doing nothing to help Americans is a complete outrage.

“They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border,” Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., said in a video posted to Facebook Wednesday. “Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula.”

“The first photo is from this morning at the Ursula Processing Center at the U.S. border. Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula,” Cammack wrote. “The second is from a shelf right here at home. Formula is scarce. This is what America last looks like.”

A concerned border agent sickened by the shortage took pictures and sent them to Cammack.

“He has been a border patrol agent for 30 years and he has never seen anything quite like this. He is a grandfather and he is saying that his own children can’t get baby formula,” she added.

“This issue is a matter of life and death, and it is time this administration treats it with the appropriate urgency it deserves,” the GOP lawmakers said in a letter to Biden Wednesday.

I’m going to tell you right now if the FDA doesn’t open up those plants that were shut down Joe better get FEMA distribution tents mobilized to hand out a formula. If he doesn’t Biden will be the first president in history to have an approval rating in the signal digits.