White House Claims Biden Reacted to Maui Fires ‘In Record Time’ – Watch

The White House is defending President Biden’s response to the wildfires on Maui, saying that he reacted “in record time.” This is despite facing widespread criticism over his apparent lack of interest he displayed to the crisis while he was on vacation.

“It seems like the hurricane response so far is robust,” a reporter said to Jean-Pierre during the press briefing. “Did you guys realize that the initial Hawaii wildfire response was not that good or is it just easier for people to get help from the White House when the president is not on vacation?”

Jean-Pierre said she disagreed with the premise of the question, claiming: “So, if you talk to — if you were to do your reporting and speak to the governor of Hawaii, the senators of Hawaii, the folks on the ground, they would say that the president reacted in record time when it came to dealing with the wildfires, when it came to dealing and making sure that they got everything that they need on the federal level to deal with what was going on on the ground.”

“Let’s not forget, there were more than 600 federal employees on the ground already to assist with the wildfires in Maui,” she claimed. “So, your question is — is wrong — it’s flawed in many, many ways. And I would — I would — I would advise you to go speak to the governor and the local and state officials in — in Hawaii.”

The fires, which began on August 8, have killed at least 115 people and destroyed more than 2,000 homes. Biden declared a major disaster in Hawaii on August 10, two days after the fires began.

The Maui fires are the deadliest in the history of Hawaii. The recovery efforts are expected to take years and cost billions of dollars.

Take a look at how KJP tries to defend her outlandish defense of Biden: