White House Goes Silent After One Of Their Smear Campaigns Implodes

These people don’t like to be held accountable.

Remember in 2021 those evil Border Patrol Agents on horseback?

During the Biden-induced crisis near Del Rio, Texas in September 2021 mounted patrol agents used their horses to corral illegal immigrants. The woke left flipped out over the video and falsely claimed that the agents were whipping the group of mostly Haitian immigrants.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas promised there would be a swift investigation and told lawmakers he would hold the evil agents accountable.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki condemned the agents and said the administration was making policy changes.

“The secretary also conveyed to civil rights leaders earlier this morning that we would no longer be using horses in Del Rio,” Psaki said at a Sept. 23 White House press briefing. “So that is something — a policy change that has been made in response.”

However, officials inside the CBP reported that the horses were only stabled for a day or two and were put right back into service.

Congressman John Katko, ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee said, “They wasted no time in vilifying these agents before hearing their side of the story. It’s shameful that this Administration continues to denigrate and demoralize law enforcement without a full picture of the facts.”

“I didn’t ever see them whip anybody, with the thing,” photographer Paul Ratije told El Paso TV station KTSM. “He was swinging it. But I didn’t see him actually take — whip someone with it. That’s something that can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture.”

The agents have been cleared in a 500-page report that still has union officials concerned.

“No one knows what’s in the report,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said. “I don’t know what’s in it. As of yesterday afternoon, the chief of the Border Patrol didn’t know what’s in it.”

“I’ve never seen a 500-page report where no one did anything wrong,” he said.

The White House, particularly Psaki doesn’t want to talk about it.