White House Official Shines Light On Why Troops Are Being Vetted & Why DC Is A Fortress, An Unelected Official Is Worried Biden Is Going To Fire Him Over Screw Up

A White House official has shed light on why DC has turned into a militarized stronghold and why National Guard troops are being vetted over their political affiliations; an unelected official is worried about his job. 

Earlier this month we learned that the FBI, Capitol Police, and the National Guard all had prior intelligence that bad actors would attempt to breach the Capitol on January 6th. Former Capitol Police Chief knowing of the intelligence asked Major General William Walker to have the National Guard ready, that request was denied. 

Sund and both Sergeant At Arms for the House and Senate resigned immediately after the chaos that occurred on January 6th. One of the people responsible for not providing an adequate response to the intelligence is major General William Walker who is in charge of the DC National Guard, he denied a request for troops because it wouldn’t “look good.” He also denied the initial request for backup by Capitol Police on January 6th as protestors entered the building. As a result of his terrible leadership Walker has taken things to an unprecedented level.

According to OANN reporter, Jack Posobiec, a White House official said the nations Capitol is a fortress and the political beliefs of soldiers are being questioned because General Walker – an unelected military official – did a poor job and is afraid Biden will fire him. 

This is what downtown DC looks like.

What’s odd is that just a few months ago Democrat politicians were calling to defund the military and police. Now, it seems the military and law enforcement are their new best friend.