White House Press Corps Is In Trouble, They Either Have To Put Up Or Shut Up After McEnany Tests Positive For COVID-19

Many that are part of Trump’s inner circle are testing positive for the coronavirus which is to be expected. Most recently, Press Secretary Kyleigh McEnany has tested positive.

As members of the President’s inner circle test positive the press has been demanding that people in the White House quarantine.

McEnany wrote in a statement that she tested positive on Monday morning and has not experienced any symptoms. On Sunday evening she met with reporters but non of the White House press corps was close enough to her and should be considered safe.

The media exploded.


If the media really believes what they say every single reporter that was at the press gaggle needs to quarantine. OANN reporter Jack Posobiec sarcastically pounced on the liberal media.

If the press resists quarantining they are going to look like bigger fools than they already are.