White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Can’t Run Away from the Lies – Watch

Several news outlets have already reported on a major false and misleading tweet from the White House’s official Twitter account. It claimed that it was due to Biden’s “leadership” that Americans were getting an increase in their Social Security.

But the real reason for the increase next year is because of a cost of living increase that is built into the system. This is necessary because of the high inflation that Biden helped to create. 

The White House has been attempting to take credit for the increase for the past two months, even though it is coming because of the poor policies that have led to such intense inflation. 

Well, it’s a new day at Twitter and they have a new reader feature that fact-checked the tweet. It revealed that the increases were in fact not due to Biden, but to the law that was passed under Nixon’s presidency in 1972. 

The White House eventually deleted the tweet. 

Reporters peppered White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre with questions about why the White House deleted the tweet. Jean-Pierre could have been honest and admitted that the tweet was false, but that’s not like this administration. She claimed that they pulled it down because it was missing context and that context was the decrease in Medicare premiums.

What? That isn’t even due to Biden’s leadership either. The whole thing is a compounding lie. 

“The tweet was not complete. Usually, when we put out a tweet, uh, we post it with context and it did not have that context,” the press secretary claimed. Let’s not forget [….] about MAGA Republicans in Congress & their continued threat to threaten Social Security and Medicare,” she said. 

And if it was really just incomplete, why not just post a complete response? 

The administration is so full of lies.