White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Just Can’t Answer the Question – Watch

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just did it again. Let’s get this straight, no one could do her job well, you just can’t talk about Just his presidency with rose-colored glasses. 

On Monday, the press secretary mistakingly connected President Joe Biden’s pandemic stimulus bill and the inflation crisis.

While doing the press briefing, reporters were firing questions at Jean-Pierre about inflation. 

One reporter asked when Americans can expect relief and noted that inflation began rising 18 months ago. Jean-Pierre may have responded too quickly because she noted that the rise began after Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan. Uh-Oh.

“What about 18 months ago, when the president took office, inflation and gas prices started rising then?” the reporter asked.

“Well, 18 months ago, the president signed the American Rescue Plan back in April 2021,” she responded. (Biden signed it into law on March 11, 2021)

These remarks are more than ironic because experts on the economy, according to the New York Times, “agree that the stimulus spending contributed to accelerating inflation.” 

The Federal Reserve of San Francisco raised deep concern earlier this year that Biden’s COVID stimulus had “overheated” the economy. 

The quick response from Jean-Pierre solidified the connection that economists have already noted. 

Jean-Pierre may have realized what she had done because she quickly claimed the Biden administration “created more than 10 million jobs.” But that is also not true, because the growth was people returning to work after the pandemic.

So when will America see relief? Biden’s team is saying that inflation is the top priority of the president, but officials are not saying when relief will come. 

On Monday, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy went after Jean-Pierre for such specifics — but she could not provide them.

After rattling around the issue, Doocy asked the question again, “When?”

Jean-Pierre, however, did not answer the question — but she did continue to attack Republicans.